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Yulia Maryevich

Phone: +371 28 346 968

Alexey Potapenko

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Valeriy Kovalenko

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Freediving, or breath-hold diving, is one of the most dynamically growing and popular underwater activities. Do you want to learn how to dive in the pool and in depth in the open sea, as well as feel confident and safe underwater? Freediving courses and regular training are held in Riga in Ķeizarmežs and Ķīpsala swimming pools under the supervision of experienced instructors and underwater sports coaches with many years of experience.

Our team will help you get comfortable with breath-hold diving and improve your skills during regular training. With us, you will learn how to dive with holding your breath in the pool and in open water. We will help you get an understanding of pressure equalisation and prepare for diving at sea or for freediving competitions. Divers of our club repeatedly set personal and national records and become winners in international competitions. Regular classes and training are held in Ķīpsala swimming pool from September to June. Diving with us is easy, fun and safe!